N Ralston Photography | About
I’m Nathan D. Ralston, I was born on April 3, 1982 in a small town called Iowa Park, Texas. I moved to Douglasville, Georgia in January of 2013. Initially my art focused on metal and wood sculpting until July of 2008. I was in Miami, Florida on a mission trip and while trying to take a photo of a flower, I suddenly thought to myself, “I might be good at photography.” When I arrived back home later that month I bought my first camera. Initially, my main goal in photography was to capture my adventures as I travelled the world. God had a better plan for me. I am blessed to use my talent in photography on the mission field to help support missionaries and organizations with their photography and marketing needs. I went anywhere I was called.

At home, I knew I had to find different subjects to keep me interested in photography. Early on, my attention focused on shooting sunsets, plants, and night photography. A friend suggested that I try storm chasing. I gave it a shot and I fell in love with it; I love capturing a storm’s power, its magnificent energy that you can only see for a brief moment.

In recent years I have brought my skills from real world shooting into the studio. I love trying new and creative approaches. Currently, microscopy is one of my favorite things to shoot. Since I began taking photos, I have had the chance to work with countless nonprofit organizations and a few companies, the most notable being Sugar Foods Corporation. Photography has turned into my life long passion; I endeavor to be the best I can be at it.

Favorite things to shoot
Infrared, Lightning, Nature, Microscopy, Experimental Projects, Portraits, and Film.

Countries I have photographed in
Ecuador, Kenya, Germany, France, Singapore, Cambodia, England, most recently Haiti

I have no formal education in photography. I have taken two continuing education classes: one in sculpting and one in photography at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Current involvements
I am on the board for Project One Haiti, a ministry based out of Villa Rica, Georgia focused on providing relief and care for Haitian orphans and I work with First Baptist Conyers (Georgia) Children Ministries.